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Champion Church is a Community

Jesus = HOPE for the world

Jesus said, "I will build my church".  He has designed the church to function as a family and a body, and the Bible tells us we are to work together to love and support each other as we welcome new believers into our community of faith.

We will only fulfill the intention of heaven for our lives and for the church as we become the church, not just attend it.  The following 3 steps are quick and easy but essential for each person to find their place in the Champion Community.  Taking the Next Step in our walk with God is always the goal of a Champion.

STEP ONE is to connect to the Champion family in faith, purpose, heart, and vision.  We offer the Champion Growth Track classes to help you get connected and find your place.

STEP TWO is to join a team!  Add your gifts and talents to the Champion Dream Team.  Whether that's tech skills, hospitality skills, organizational skills— we need you!

STEP THREE is to join a connect group.  Getting together with other believers a couple of times a month or weekly is where you will find a supportive group of friends that are going in the same direction in life as you are.

Let us know that you want to take your Next Step!

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